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*Find the root causes for your unexplained symptoms.

*Focus on the areas of FOOD CHOICES, SLEEP, DIGESTION, EXERCISE, STRESS, and EMOTIONS to improve your overall health.

*Allow me to use my intuition and wisdom to help you tap into YOUR OWN body to find what works for YOU! 

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Ilisa Gould

Angie went far beyond any experience I have had with any health or wellness practitioner in my life. While asking comprehensive questions about all areas of my life, Angie held such a safe place for me to be vulnerable and honest with all my answers. By the end of the session I not only had a better understanding of where I was with my mind, body, and soul, and she provided easy and minor changes that I was able to implement without hesitation. To TOP it all off, Angie followed up the next day with an entire written recap of what we discussed in our session and a totally digestible action plan. So much gratitude!!! 

Client - L. R.

Angie was such a breath of fresh air! She brought so many new perspectives into my life! She was able to help me decide the kind of healthy lifestyle I want to live & gave me tons of tips to help me daily both physically and mentally! I learned so much about my emotions and how to process them. She was very insightful in such a refreshing and positive way! She taught me about Bach flowers and which ones would best suit me on my journey! I am so grateful I had the opportunity to meet her and I look forward to having more sessions with her! 



Angie was very sensitive in her approach and didn't overwhelm me with too many suggested changes at once. She understands that only smaller steps can be sustainable in making lasting changes and was considerate of my ethical choices to not eat meat and fish. She adjusted her suggestions accordingly and suggested steps I can easily implement without being overwhelmed and falling right back into established habits. In these few days since our session, I have followed her advice in great parts without having to put myself under undue stress and have already found that my reflux issues and sleep have been affected positively. I am so grateful to her for this session. A mere 45 minutes with a detailed follow up plan I received per email afterwards have made already a positive change in my wellbeing and I am so grateful to her for this. So even if you're a vegetarian or vegan, you are definitely in the best of hands with Angie. She is very open and will be gentle and understanding, yet highly effective in her approach and I have no hesitation in recommending her further. In fact, if you are on the fence of deciding whether to work with her, let me assure you that you are taking a big step in the right direction if you do. Thank you, Angie and the best of health to all who read this!

explore Bach Flower remedies

This is a beautiful, simple modality for working through emotions:
*the big 
*the little
*the everyday
*the deep
*the old
*the new
*the any and ALL

Allow me to guide you in working through and processing these emotions with the use of these very safe, effective, simple remedies! 

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Brain fog gone! Sleep is better and I'm more in tune with how things affect me.  I'm so grateful we have met and been able to work together!


I very much appreciate your professional and genuine interest and care in helping me!


Angie is so knowledgeable in a variety of different areas. Just a few sessions with her have drastically helped me improve my stress and sleep patterns!


BACH FLOWERS!!! I've so noticed the difference. It's crazy how much they help!  Thank you so much for everything Angie!