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Discovery Call

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Refining YOU -
Wellness Consultation

60-minute online consultation
We will address 1-3 of your current health & wellness concerns and goals.
You will receive personalized written recommendations via email after our session.
A detailed Intake form will be filled out prior to our session.
Custom coaching packages available as well!

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Reflecting YOU - 
Human Design Consultation

60-minute online session
Human Design consultation with 2 options:
Option 1: You are new to Human Design and would like a basic understanding of your design and tips on how to begin living your design.
Option 2: You are familiar with Human Design and would like intuitive insights from the perspective of a Reflector (me) about a particular aspect or situation in your life. 

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Bach Flower Consultation

We will explore Bach flower remedies that will assist you with your current emotions and life situations in this 45-min 1:1 zoom session.

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Custom 1:1 Coaching Packages

Custom packages suited to your needs are available to you!
Schedule a Discovery Call to learn more! 

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Discovering YOU 
6-week program 

6 weekly 40-min online sessions
For those who want to improve their overall state of well-being but really don't know where to start. These sessions will give you a basic look into specific aspects of your life, including physical symptoms, emotions, relationships, stress, and your human design, to give you a starting point where simple shifts can be made and improvements found! 

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