I'm Angie, a Holistic Health Practitioner, and a 1/3 Reflector in Human Design.

My design makes me quite the ideal facilitator of healing.  As a Reflector, I am here to mirror back to you what you need to see about yourself - to show you the best parts of you - and to show you where improvements can be made so you can be the best version of YOU.  This comes quite naturally to me.  My 1/3 profile means that I am an Investigator and an Experimenter.  That means I do all of the research and self-experimentation.  I've done a lot of both of those things in my life. I bring to you the very best of what I have learned through much investigation, research, and personal trial and error.  This, in combination with the fact that I can easily see where changes and improvements can be made in other people, makes me REALLY good at what I do!

I created Adding the Good Things LLC as a holistic health coaching service to provide tools and guided support for those who wish to take charge of their own physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It is my goal to provide you with a safe, sacred space that will allow you to openly share your concerns, experiences, and goals.  I work my Reflector "magic" to give you guidance and support that is specifically catered to YOUR OWN needs. 

I spent years trying to figure out my own unexplained symptoms.  I spent many more years healing much trauma that had gone unchecked and was wreaking havoc on my health in many ways.  I'm still a work in progress, but I've come a long way.  I say all of that to say that this work is near and dear to me.  I understand where you are because I have been there too.  My approach is easy-going and down-to-earth. It is important that you understand that I am here to educate and guide, but it is YOU who are in-charge of your health.  It is my desire to walk along beside you and be your guide as I assist you in tuning into the specific needs of your body, mind, and soul so that you may thrive! 

*Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners
*Certified Natural Health Professional, Trinity School of Natural Health
*Certified Flower Essence Specialist, Trinity School of Natural Heath
*Certified Aromatherapy Specialist, Trinity School of Natural Health
*Certified Health Coach, Trinity School of Natural Health 

More fun facts about me...

I love the beach and nature hikes! I share my life with a Goldendoodle named Otis and the keeper of my heart, my soulmate,  John. We currently reside on the Jersey Shore in the U.S., but I am a born and raised Southern girl! I have a great affinity for singing.  I was a music teacher for many years before changing careers and becoming a holistic health coach! I am a Sagittarius sun and rising with a Libra moon, which means I'm very free-spirited, but also need much balance in my life. Most importantly, it is my desire to use the life experiences, knowledge, and wisdom of my own journey to assist you in navigating yours.  It is my honor to exchange energy with you!